A crack in your roof framing design is a very serious and major problem. It can cause a lot of damage to you both economically as well as physically. In order to avoid the damages caused by cracks, it is important to know what causes them.

There are many reasons that can lead to cracks of the roof framing rafters in your homes. These cracks can show up on other structural components used for building the roof as well.

Excessive loads on the top of the roof

Possibly eh biggest problem is cracks in the roof framing. If your area experiences heavy snowfall, then this can lead to an enormous load on the rafters. Often this excessive load becomes too much for the structure to bear.

That is why it is important to choose a roof framing design that is built to withstand the additional weight of heavy snow. Pick roof frames that are resistant to cracks even under extreme loads.

Poor roof framing design

A poorly designed roof frame is also a major reason for cracks showing up. If the basic structural elements of your roof framing system have not been designed by a qualified architect or engineer, the risk of cracks increase a lot.

Moreover, if your roof system hasn’t been properly engineered, then too you can experience numerous structural cracks.

Termite problem

If there is a termite infestation in your roof framing structure, then this can seriously damage the related structural components. Termites can lead to serious damage and cracks in the roof frames.

This is because they can weaken your home’s roof framing element by working their way through this essential component. A weakened frame will increase the chances of cracks manifolds.

Too much moisture

One of the reasons that your roof framing can show cracks is due to heavy moisture damage. This can happen due to many reasons. Most commonly faulty plumbing or leaks can cause damage to the structural elements in your roof.

It can also be caused by excessive rain or thunderstorms. So, if your area is prone to heavy rainfall or thundershowers, it is always a good idea to get your roof framing details in accordance to what is necessary to withstand the extra moisture.

Extreme changes in temperature

Sudden and drastic changes in temperature is also a leading cause of creating cracks in your roof frames. Along with the presence of excess moisture, sudden changes in temperature leads to severe stress on the structure of your roof.

When the surrounding temperature is hot, then the components of the roof framing expand. This happens because they are exposed to too much moisture. When the temperature drops suddenly, they contract. These sudden temperature changes can lead to stress. This in turn results in cracking.

How to overcome cracking of your roof framing plan?

The best way to minimize the risk of cracking is to choose materials that are durable, tested, and reliable. Examine all components of the roof framing yourself. And get a professional to draw up your roof framing design.